Nemo's Bar

Nemo's Bar and restaurant stands right at the  water's edge of the famous Stoney Cove diving lake with fabulous views across the water.

The bar is open to the public, offering  traditional ales, beers, wine, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages and great home cooked favourites in our restaurant open all day and evenings.


The terrace is the perfect place  to eat, drink and be entertained by the antics of the divers and post-dive  wakeboarders and waterskiers. 

During each dive session, food and drink is available from Nemo's  servery hatch, while breakfast is served in the restaurant during the  morning. 

Spending the weekend at Stoney Cove? Staying in the area overnight?  Then why not visit Nemo's Bar at Stoney Cove for your evening  meal? There is an extensive menu available, including a selection of  Chef's Specials. We also offer a variety of accompaniments,  sandwiches and desserts. 

Make more of your weekend at Stoney Cove with a visit to Nemo's.  You'll be glad you did!

Here's a video about the Dive Centre at Stoney Cove



Contact us to book a table for any occasion. We accept reservations for up to 20 people.

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